Basics 101: the modern living room

Considering a refreshing change in your living space? Arranging your modern living room furniture can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Covering the basics with three fundamental living room items can be a good starting point and act as an integral part of the inspiration that will guide the style and theme of your new living room. These items include a modern sofa or sectional, an inviting modern coffee table and some unique accent chairs (to really give the space the touch of personality).

When choosing between a sofa and a sectional, it’s important to take spatial limitations and address functional boundaries. A sofa should not block any major pathways or corridors in the house, or openings, such as a patio or terrace door. A sofa should match with the sizing of the living room and account for the number of people who can  fit comfortably on the sofa without feeling crowded.

Accent Chair - Modern Living Room

                   Carter Occasional Chair

A glass coffee table can go far in a smaller living space to give the illusion of more space. This is a great tip if you are residing in a small condo. A wooden and more sturdy table really works towards a rustic look that is warm and inviting to rest a cozy beverage on. Choose a modern coffee table with a unique base to stray away from the traditional designs and spark a conversation; sometimes that can work more effectively than a clever coffee table book.

Accent chairs such as the Assange Accent Chair can be great additions to a living space to give the room the personality it deserves. When choosing an accent chair, you can go for a pop of color, or something with an interesting texture like the Charlston Club Chair, juxtapose the theme of the room. An accent chair like the Blanca Accent Aaron Chair is always a classic choice that would work every time.

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