Classic vs. Contemporary Sofas

Which look suits your home more: classic or contemporary?

The classic furniture look is always traditional and elegant and is now making a comeback. As fashion is cyclical, so are fashion trends in interior design– yet, fresh ways are always emerging to revive the classic look with a contemporary twist. The Aristocrat Sofa and the Birmingham Sofa are both example of very classic pieces that seem to test the course of time. No matter what the style of your home, a classic tufted sofa can bring your home a touch of warmth and elegance. Like a fine wine, the Birmingham’s high-quality leather gets better with age and dresses your home with a sense of charm. The Bibiano Chaise Lounge, upholstered with a stunning velvet in blue can really take your charming home to a Pinterest level of cozy or classic or modern, depending how you furnish the rest of your home. It is intricately detailed with hand-applied silver nail heads, deep diamond tufting and the lush blue velvet upholstery make this piece stand out as an accent in the room. Now pairing these pieces with rich mahogany wood and you’ll want to keep the wood framing in a similar colour, to keep consistent with the look of the living space. Different shades of the same wood also work in creating more of a story, as if pieces were hand-picked or are heritage pieces.

When you’re more into the futuristic look, perhaps furnishing your living area with state of the art pieces is more attractive to you. Contemporary furniture has a sleeker design, often sharper edges and less intricate detailing. Sofa such as the Fortress Sofa and the Jonkoping Sofa (now on sale!) would be look fantastic in a minimalist, angular home, especially if you’re looking to add a pop of colour. When less is more, the minimalist look promotes just that. The simple designs only communicate more and invite a clean and fresh look that stand out amidst a world where we feel we have too much going on. Contemporary pieces can be more calming to the soul, especially when you are a perfectionist and unnecessary clutter is not quite your thing. The modern home should be a tasteful reflection of the inhabitant of the home.

For more classic and unique styles, you can also browse through the Living Room tab and see which sofa best suits the style of your space. Whether it’s classic or contemporary- or a mix of both (check out the Puget Sofa and the Puget Sectional) – you’re sure to love what we have on our online store, XARVAN for you.

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