It’s All in the Details

So, you’ve designed and arranged your dream living room; everything is perfectly in its place and you love the arrangement of the pieces. Now what? Time to start thinking of the minor details: paintings and home decor. 

The finishing touches on a home can be just as important as all the major pieces. You may have found the perfect sofa setmodern coffee table and accent chair…but feel that something is missing. Bare walls can be cold and uninviting, and something such as a modern painting (see …) could turn up the personally of your walls by spiking a bit of curiosity and colour into your room. 

When staging homes, professionals will typically make use of home decor, or props, to give the property the edge that they are going for. Glass decor, such as the Bangkok Mirror will automatically add a modern element, while wood (see Barrow) warms up a place to a more cozy feel. These details find a way to tap into your subconscious, and send signals whether the place feels right or not to you, depending on your taste. You can play with different moods and tones for your home, based on how you “dress” it: modern, contemporary, classic and timeless, big personality & bold and maybe rustic & cozy. Either way, these little details push us into imagining whether the home resonates with us. These are the tricks that also make us perceive whether we like the ambiance of a certain restaurant, and make some hotels feel more like home than others. 

Here are some recommendations at

Contemporary: Alton Ceiling Lamp

Modern: Como Mirror

Bold: Artemis Table Lamp

Rustic: Caledonite Lamp

And it doesn’t stop at the living room. Decorating any room in your home will drastically set it apart from the rest. It’s important to stand out from a typical showroom, so you can really identify that your home design has been carefully thought through. Many boutique hotels pride themselves on the careful selection of the design pieces for their home. The design often includes the wallpaper, color scheme, and details like paintings and decorative pieces. A lamp that has a particularly peculiar design may stand out to you and make the place memorable: a conversation piece, such as the Bald Ceiling Lamp. The pieces that don’t seem necessary suddenly become larger focal points of the experience of the room. 

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