Leather or Fabric Sofa

The sofa is where the family lives; it’s where we catch the series finals, discuss what happened during our day, and create memorable moments with our families. If you are searching to add a new sofa to your home, choose Xarvan website. When searching for new furniture, it is important to consider which material you prefer- and for the sofa, two great options are leather or fabric.

Leather sofas are great to clean because of their non-absorbing surface. These sofas and loveseats have a tendency of lasting much longer than their fabric counterparts. Since leather is a timeless textile you can be sure that it will always be in style. Leather sofas may cost more than fabric sofas but their timeless style and easy cleaning make them a great investment! If you are interested in buying a leather sofa, our Lauren Sofa and Loveseat are a trendy and stylish option.

Fabric sofas are great for you home if you have pets or young children, as they may withstand more wear and tear. These couches are more affordable which means you can change your couch more often to follow the newest home decor trends. If you are interested in getting a fabric couch, our Puget collection, with a slim square profile and plush seat and back design, would make a tasteful addition to your home.
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