Warming up to the idea of entertaining guests?

Thinking about greeting your dinner guests with a warm welcome? A hearty meal, a genuine embrace and a friendly smile can certainly take you a long way, but when it comes to creating the perfect cozy ambiance around dinner time, here are a few tips when selecting your modern dining room furniture and home accessories that can really add to the inviting atmosphere.

Wood accent pieces or coordinates:

A beautiful accent piece, such as a rustic dining table made with reclaimed wood, or a modern dining table made with a natural walnut color can really bring warmth to the table. The earthy tones of the recycled wood gives guests a calm feeling, as they feel grounded by the natural beauty of the wood. This would allow your guests to feel comfortable and at peace, leaving their stress behind to enjoy the company of others. Already committed to a dining room table that you already adore? Refresh your dining space with modern dining chairs with a wooden base/legs. While this presents a more subtle change, the sturdiness of the wood base allows guests to feel comfortable and connected, rather than bearing associations with cold, stainless steel office tables.


Terrarium décor:

Plants provide a feeling of comfort and improve the quality of air. When your guests are surrounded by plants and an increase of oxygen, your guests will automatically feel better and happier as their bodies are nourished with the extra oxygen it craves. While some plants could be difficult to care for and require a lot of sun, water and attention; air plants are a perfect solution.  They require low maintenance care and can be arranged in absolutely beautiful ways: from the type of plant to the rocks and gravel colors within and the actual terrarium. For a modern look, place a geometric terrarium  nonchalantly atop your dining storage serving cart. It doesn’t have to be a centerpiece, but a plant can do wonders for that warm and comfortable feeling.

Dining cart

Getting your dining room ready for dinner could be easy. Finding ways to create a truly effortless experience to optimize on that warm feeling really goes the extra mile to make sure your guests feel truly invited to your dinner.

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